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La Pasqua: Easter Eye Candy [a foto blog]

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Così come guardare le vetrine non incide sui nostri budget, concedersi la bellezza di queste bellissime vetrine italiane decorate con esposizioni elaborate di dolci pasquali non ci metteranno dei centimetri alle vite… Meno male!

Just as window-shopping doesn’t put a dent in our budgets, indulging in the beauty of these beautiful Italian shop windows bedecked in elaborate displays of sweet treats for Easter won’t add inches to our waists… Thank goodness!

Per augurarvi una buona Pasqua, ecco alcune immagini scattate a Firenze di bellissime vetrine colme di dolci di ogni tipo per celebrare questa festa.

To wish you a happy Easter, here are some images captured in Florence of beautiful shop windows brimming with sweets of all kinds to celebrate this holiday.

easter shop windows italy

Coniglietti di ogni misura, in peluche e al cioccolato. / Bunnies in every size, as stuffed animals and in chocolate.

easter shop windows italy

Un’elegante vetrina rivestita in bianco sfoggia dei dolci più sofisticati tipo il torrone e la colomba. / An elegant window dressed in white shows off more sophisticated sweets such as nougat (front, L and R) and la colomba, a dove-shaped Easter cake (front center).

Un’esplosione di tutti i simboli primaverili e pasquali: agnelli, galline, anatroccoli e cestini pieni di uova colorate per tentare i giovanissimi ed anche i giovani di spirito. / An explosion of all the symbols of springtime and Easter: lambs, hens, ducklings and baskets full of colored eggs to tempt the very young and also the young at heart.

 Buona Pasqua! / Happy Easter!

Qual è il tuo dolce pasquale preferito?

What’s your favorite Easter candy or dessert?

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Una poesia per Pasqua >> An Easter Poem

Uova di Pasqua: Italian Easter eggs.

Rather than receiving baskets filled with candy,

Italian children receive large, elaborately wrapped,

hollow chocolate eggs with a surprise gift(s) inside.


I found the following anonymous poesia (poem) on filastrocche.it, a website in Italian for Italian children and their parents — featuring jokes, activities, etc. related to holidays and other special days — a great study tool.


I used the poem in my Italian Conversation & Study group, and they enjoyed it so much that I decided to share it on my blog. The translation is mine. Enjoy.


Buona Pasqua!

Happy Easter!


Nei miei sogni ho immaginato

In my dreams I imagined


un grande uovo colorato.

a big colored egg.


Per chi era? Per la gente

Who was it for? For the people



dall’Oriente all’Occidene:

from the Orient to the Occident (West)


Pieno, pieno di sorprese

Full, full of surprises


destinate ad ogni paese.

meant for every country.


C’era dentro la saggezza

There was inside wisdom


e poi tanta tenerezza,

and then lots of tenderness,


l’altruismo, la bontà,

altruism, goodness,


gioia in grande quantità.

joy in great quantity.


Tanta pace, tanto amore

Much peace, much love


da riempire ogni cuore.

to fill every heart.




I wish everyone — however you celebrate this time of year —

Love, Health, and Abundance.  Auguri!


Did you enjoy this poesia? How do you celebrate this time of year? I’d love to hear your comments below!

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