While we are not promoting this tour based on price, because it’s simply noy that type of trip — No large group of 35-50 or more squished into a big bus, harrying around trying to fit as much as possible into a small window of time, dead tired at day’s end and little to no free time to roam, savor, and bond with fellow trip-mates — This tour is an excellent value.

You will enjoy a leisurely paced travel experience limited to 10-16 participants, all fellow Italy enthusiasts like you, many of them seasoned travelers. On this boutique tour you’ll see the best Sicily has to offer, visit plenty of off-the-beaten track sights, have ample time to explore on your own (and/or just sit and savor) and plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow travelers over group meals and on our private bus as we roam through  beautiful Mediterranean Sicily. Oh, and about that bus… we’ll have a small, comfy, coach-style 19-seater that includes our own private driver that will stay with us the whole trip. And unlike many tours, we will NOT be spending long stretches confined to a bus. Most destinations we’ll visit are located within an hour to 1.5 hours from point of departure.

Having said all that… this tour  is still very reasonably priced… not to name names, but there is another tour of Sicily, also happening this spring,  that is 2 days/nights shorter, covers only southeastern Sicily (we’re touring the whole island) that costs nearly $400 more. Another tour out there has a very similar itinerary, excursions and accommodations  for the same length of time that costs $2,100 more…  Not to try to sell on price, but to put things in perspective.

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