Travel FAQs + Hacks | Amalfi Coast, Fall 2017

The Amazing Amalfi Tour! Sept 17-26, 2017

What’s the weather like?

Weather-wise, this is one of the best times of year to visit the Amalfi Coast. By mid-September, the crowds have left, but the weather is still nice and warm, though cooler at night. The extreme heat and humidity of the summer months are gone. Rain, of course, is always unpredictable all over Italy, year round.

What should I pack?

Suggestion #1: Pack way less than you feel tempted to do. Whenever I pack too much, it’s a mistake I regret the whole trip. The more moving around you’ll do (in the way of lodging) the more this rule is true. The more you have to lug and the more often you have to do it, the more likely you are to hate yourself for it by trip’s end. That said, on this particular tour of Amazing Amalfi, you only gotta unpack once, so the only lugging you have to do is from home to Sorrento and back (still no picnic even without over-packing).

Be sure to take: (1) Comfortable, already-broken-in foot gear (2) Comfy but pulled-together looking clothing that travels well (3) A shawl that can double as a scarf (4) A multi-functional, cross-body travel bag/satchel/day pack (5) A collapsible umbrella or light-weight rain poncho.

Do I need an electrical adapter?

Yes, you need an adapter so that you can plug your electronics into the wall for recharging. Good news is that a voltage converter isn’t required for electronics (phones, tablets, cameras, laptops), which these days are made to adapt automatically to electrical current anywhere in the world.

Italy is a mixed bag in terms of outlets, with various different possible types. When I travel to Italy, I bring a combo of adapters that give me lots of flexibility to get connected and recharged in any situation. (And yes, it’s good to have multiples; they are small and you will likely forget at least one behind in a hotel room somewhere along the way.)

I recommend the following trio of adapters, plus an easy-to-pack combination surge protector/power strip/multi-USB port, that you can also use when you’re home stateside.

As for non-electronic gadgets (personal grooming items, etc), I do not recommend purchasing an electricity converter (these sometimes end up causing hair dryers, irons, razors, etc. to overheat and melt). Instead I suggest buying dual-voltage appliances designed specifically for travel. They either have a switch to choose correct voltage, or, some are so smart they detect and automatically adjust to local current. I have a 2-in-1 flat/curl iron and a hair dryer I’ve been using for several years, abroad and at home in the US, with no issues whatsoever.

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