Video Clip: Italian Conversation Clinic



The Italian Alphabet / L’alfabeto italiano


The Numbers / I numeri


Telling Time in Italian


Il verbo ESSERE / The verb TO BE


Articoli italiani / Italian articles


Saying “I love you” in Italian

COOKING VIDEOS>> iN Cucina With Jodina

Buongiorno!  Check out these cooking videos that I did for!

Click here to watch & learn how to make your own:

  • Homemade Italian Ricotta from scratch
  • Italian Lasagna with Ricotta Cheese
  • Italian Cheesecake with Ricotta Cheese
  • Italian Ricotta Semifreddo
  • Substitutes for Sour Cream

Making Italian Biscotti with Jodina

Making an Italian Pizza & Spinning the Dough!

Jodina’s Italian Cooking Class Trailer

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3 Responses to Videos

  1. Margaret Mundy says:

    I’ve signed up for your Audio Club and I am anxious to begin learning Italian. I’ve taken 2 or 3 language courses (in other languages) and I like the way you teach and explain.

    I am going to Sicily in September to my Father’s birth place, so I hope I can communicate…somewhat!

  2. Jaidene Vigilucci says:

    I’m really enjoying my classes and feeling more positive in my ability to manage this difficult but beautiful language. Thank you Jodina!

  3. admin says:

    Prego e grazie cara Jaidene! So glad you are enjoying your lessons — you’re doing well and making good progress!

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