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ITALIAN LANGUAGE  CLASSES    |  9-Week Session Starts March 19

• Fun, lively, interactive!  Small class sizes • Innovative teaching approach  Learn through stories, dialog, music & more!

Advantages of studying Italian at Italiano with Jodina :

  • You’ll be learning and speaking Italian in context from day one, while you learn about Italian culture in a supportive, enjoyable environment.  Focus is on fluency and functionality in the language.
  • Students in these Italian classes report greater progress than in traditional language courses. [Testimonials]
  • Classes are engaging and relaxed — reasonable workload, no tests!
  • Convenient location & times.COLOR round LOGO IWJ_Grebeca-Fiverr
  • Parking is easy AND free!
  • Easy registration, multiple payment methods.
  • Attend a class via Skype if you can’t make it to the classroom. (For individual class sessions, not entire course)
  • Help stamp out monolingualism . . . Come learn the world’s most beautiful language!

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(Not sure which class is a right fit?  Contact Jodina)

 ITALIAN Beginner Level 1 — (Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Traveler)

Description:  Excellent for anyone new to Italian, or wanting to brush up on the basics, or planning/dreaming of a trip to Italy.

Level 1 students work on acquiring the basic tools needed to successfully understand and communicate in Italian. At Level 1 completion, students will be able to use simple language to greet others; introduce themselves; ask for information; talk about themselves and others; describe people, things, and places; tell time and dates, read schedules, make reservations; order in restaurants, ask directions, and go shopping.

Maestra Jodina, a California credentialed language teacher, will also share anecdotes, tips, and suggestions drawn from her 9-year adventure living and working in Italy.  Dive in and begin learning the world’s most beautiful language as you plan or dream of your Italian escape!

Topics/Grammar:  Pronunciation (alphabet and sound system), greetings, polite expressions, questions, numbers, directions, gender and plural of nouns, adjectives, prepositions, and an introduction to regular and irregular present tense verbs to formulate simple sentences and communicate basic concepts.

 — ITALIAN Beginner Level 2 — (Advanced Beginner)

Description: Level 2 students possess a basic knowledge of Italian and are building on the language skills acquired in Italian Level 1.  Level 2 classes provide students a stronger and wider skill set necessary to understand, read, write and become more conversant in Italian.  Students will review, practice, solidify and build on basic Italian grammar.

Goal: Class activities will focus strongly on building confidence in speaking. At course completion, students will be able to talk about daily life, leisure activities; work, and other practical topics with greater ease.

Topics/Grammar: Reinforcement of use of regular and irregular verbs in present indicative tense, reflexive verbs, prepositions, partitive, adjectives, adverbs of quantity; demonstrative adjectives, clothing, colors, shopping, food, dining, and more.

— ITALIAN Beginner Level 3 — (Pre-Intermediate)

Description:  for students wishing to build on their basic knowledge and become more conversant in the language. This level primes students for entry into Intermediate Conversation classes.

Goal: By the end of the course students will be more confident and fluent speaking on topics of interest to them, including everyday life, describing themselves and others, travel, and Italian culture.

Grammar/Topics: reinforcement and practice of regular and irregular present tense verbs, articles, gender and plural of nouns, and prepositions; introduction of a past tense (il passato prossimo), focus on reading skills through simple stories.

— ITALIAN Intermediate Levels —

Description:  Intermediate students have completed beginner level studies and have a good understanding of basic grammar. This course builds on Italian Level 3 and provides students a stronger and wider skill set necessary to continue increasing their command of Italian through interesting topics that focus on speaking, listening, reading, writing skills.

Goal: At course completion students will have greater listening and reading comprehension skills and be able to speak more confidently and fluently about common themes and activities, such as leisure time, daily life, family and traditions, travel, Italian current events, and other topics of interest to students.

Grammar: reinforcement and practice of the present indicative tense, conjugation of regular and irregular verbs, and introduction and/or review of more advanced tenses (may include: future, present perfect, imperfect, passato remoto, conditional, subjunctive), possessive adjectives, direct and indirect object pronouns, relative pronouns, and more.


California credentialed teacher Jodina Gallo has over 15 years’ experience teaching Italian, Spanish, and English to adult learners. Her innovative approach to language learning is dynamic and interactive. Jodina is a fluency expert and is known for her easy-to-follow and engaging teaching style. Her nearly 10 years in Milan, Italy, provide her with invaluable insight that she shares with her students for learning Italian as a foreign language. She also speaks and teaches Spanish and English, and speaks French.

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