Amalfi Coast Tour — March 2014

Rita McConn-Stern:  “It was all-around a very good trip to get acquainted with Neopolitan and in particular, Sorrento life style, past & present. Excellent choice of town–small enough to enjoy, but large enough for variety in culture, shopping, architecture, etc. The lodging and meals were superb. What a warm and wonderful place to stay… the Pane family [of Hotel Villa Pane] really made us feel a part of the scene. The tour was very appropriately priced — this was a unique one-off event — handmade for the group. Group size was excellent. Jodina, congratulations! You did an excellent job. I would absolutely recommend a Jodina tour to friends — where else would you get such great cookery lessons, culture, slow food movement visits, and superb cheese?  Mille grazie.”

Kathe Fernandez:  “All the guides we had I thought were excellent, very knowledgeable, kept our interest up and were very entertaining. I thought the mix of tour activities was good. The Villa Pane was an excellent place to stay. Anna Maria and Gianluigi were very gracious and accommodating. You have done an amazing amount of work on this, Jodina. My hat’s off to you — lots of interesting places and rolling with the punches. Thank you!”

Greg Pizza: “The tour guides were great! Explained many things wonderfully. The food!! Wow! The lodgings were very nice – kind, wonderful people. The trip was appropriately priced, and I would recommend a Jodina tour to friends. Thank you for creating such a wonderful memory!”

Giovanna Bravender: “I loved the camaraderie — un gruppo fantastico! Buoni amici! The mix of activities was good – social: we could do whatever we wanted! The mozzarella factories were great! The villa we stayed in and the family who run it were fantastic. The tour was very well priced — I don’t see how you included everything! You did a wonderful job putting everything together and we have enjoyed ourselves immensely! You get an A+!”

Kelli Kuhen: “My favorite parts included the cooking night with demonstration and participation –> very fun!! The restaurants and food were divine. Camaraderie amongst the group was very enjoyable. Favorite places were Amalfi, Positano adn Capri, and I especially liked the guides — they  were informative, friendly and attuned to group and individual needs. I especially liked the tour of Napoli. Overall a wonderful experience!”

Ann Giangiulio: “ I loved all the activities, guides, excursions and the group chemistry. I had never traveled to Europe, and I felt this was a wonderful first time experience. I found many of the shop/restaurant owners communicated well with English. A plus having you with us to speak! I was worried about blending with the locals, but never felt it too difficult. I very much liked having a home base. Location was beautiful.”

Tuscany Tour — March 2012

[Reviews coming soon.]

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