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A proposito di propositi… Speaking of Resolutions… + Quizlet Practice Set!

So yes, the title if this blog post is a play on words: A proposito di, meaning “speaking of,” propositi, meaning “intentions/aims/objectives/goals”, as in the expression i buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo, or New Year’s resolutions.

And speaking of resolutions, you might be wondering why I’m bringing them up now, given we’re already three weeks into the new year…

Il primo gennaio, Jan 1st

Well, while while many are not fans of making New Year’s resolutions, it’s undeniable that it’s a hot topic at the beginning of the year… But studies show that as early as three weeks into the new year, many have already abandoned or started to slack off on their resolutions, and that only 8% ultimately reach their goals. With such high failure rates, it’s no wonder so many people don’t even bother setting them in the first place.

It turns out though, that there’s an art to creating goals that will get you where you want to go.  This week, I’m sharing an article that we read in Italian Story + Conversation class on creating more effective goals that can work for you.

Mangiare sano – Eat healthy

Whether your New Year’s resolutions and goals need a little tweaking, or you just want to practice your Italian, this is an interesting read. The article is in Italian and English (scroll down), with the extra bonus of an interactive Quizlet vocabulary practice set created exclusively for my students and readers (see below)!

Buoni propositi per l’anno nuovo: consigli per renderli efficaci

Risparmiare soldi – Save money

Non c’è anno nuovo senza buoni propositi. Per molte persone la fine dell’anno e l’inizio della scuola sono i momenti migliori per decidere le cose da buttare e stabilire i nuovi obiettivi. Ma pochissime persone realizzano i loro buoni propositi. Ecco una miniguida per avere più successo con i tuoi obiettivi.

  1. Non esprimere desideri generici: esempio? “Essere ordinato” è troppo vago; Meglio:  “metterò in ordine la mia stanza e il garage. E li terrò in ordine”.
  2. Creare obiettivi specifici e a piccoli passi: per esempio, invece di semplicemente “Dimagrire”; Meglio: “perderò tre kg (chilogrammi) entro febbraio, e poi altri tre entro aprile.”
  3. Monitora i progressi per rimanere concentrato sull’obiettivo e

    Dimagrire – Lose weight

    sapere se sei sulla strada giusta.

  4. Condividi l’obiettivo: Non necessariamente su Facebook, ma il fatto di condividere i tuoi propositi e obiettivi con un amico o un parente ti aiuterà a rimanere concentrato sulla loro realizzazione.
  5. Non strafare: Pensa a tutto quello che vuoi realizzare nel 2017, e poi scegliere uno semplice da raggiungere entro gennaio, e gli altri dopo.

Click here to access the interactive Quizlet Vocabulary Practice Set and use the password JODINA.

New Year’s Resolutions: Suggestions to Make Them More Effective

Fare ginnastica – Exercise

It’s not a new year without resolutions. For many people, the end of the year and the beginning of school are the best moments to decide what to “toss out” (change) and to set (establish) new goals.  But very few people achieve their new year’s resolutions. Here is a mini-guide to have more success (be more successful) with your goals.

  1. Don’t express generic wishes: Example? “Be neat, orderly” is too vague. Better: “I will put in order (straighten up, organize) the bedroom and the garage. And I will keep them in order.”
  2. Create specific goals and in small steps (break them into small steps): Instead of simply “Lose weight”; better: “I will lose 3 kg. by the end of February, and then another 3 by end of April.”
  3. Monitor your progress to stay concentrated (focused) on a goal and to know whether you’re on the right track.

    Migliorare il tuo italiano – Improve your Italian

  4. Share your goal(s): Not necessarily on Facebook, but the act of sharing your resolutions and goals with a friend or relative will help you to stay focused on reaching them.
  5. Don’t overdo it: Think of all you want to accomplish in 2017, and then choose an easy goal to reach by the end of January, and the others after.

What are your resolutions & goals for the year? Can you make them more specific, manageable, measurable? Do you have any Italian language goals?

[Let me know if you like this and find it helpful… If I know people are using it, I’ll create more practice materials!]

Buona fortuna con i vostri buoni propositi!

Good luck with your resolutions & goals!

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