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Holiday Vocab Round-up! Top 30 Italian Christmas Words & Phrases + Quizlet Practice Set!

Ciao ragazzi!

Before going on holiday break, my students asked if I would create some materials to help them practice their Italian and stay engaged with the language during the holidays…

So, here’s a round-up of the most popular Italian Christmas words and phrases. I’ve set it up the same as the “Words of the Week” (WoWs). WoWs are words we choose and practice each week from the materials we’re working on in class.

I’ve added this week’s WoWs below, to a list I created in Quizlet. If you’re already familiar with Quizlet, then you know how engaging and fun it is to use the many interactive exercises it features to build your vocabulary and strengthen your memory. Click here to access the Quizlet Christmas Round-up list and use the password JODINA.

  1. Natale: Christmas
  2. la vigilia di Natale: Christmas Eve
  3. il presepe, il presepio: Manger, nativity scene
  4. i regali: gifts, presents
  5. gli addobbi: Decorations
  6. le luci: lights (also, “le luminarie”)
  7. le palline: ornaments (lit. little balls)
  8. l’albero di Natale: Christmas tree
  9. la stella: star
  10. il vischio: mistletoe
  11. le castagne: chestnuts
  12. le caldarroste: roasted chestnuts (also called castagne arrostite)
  13. il panettone: Italian Christmas cake (dome shaped with candied fruit and raisins)
  14. le lenticchie: lentils (eaten to ensure good fortune in the new year)
  15. il cenone: big dinner, from the word cena (dinner) plus the suffix -one, indicating large
  16. la chiesa: church
  17. santa messa: holy mass
  18. Gesù Bambino: Baby Jesus
  19. Babbo Natale: Santa Claus (Father Christmas – babbo is a colloquial word originating in Tuscany and meaning dad, daddy, pops)
  20. Buon Natale!: Merry Christmas!
  21. Buone Feste!: Happy Holidays!  
  22. Auguri di stagione!: Seasons Greetings!
  23. Capodanno: New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day (lit. the head/end/extremity of the year)
  24. Buon Anno!: Happy New Year!
  25. Prospero e felice anno nuovo!: Prosperous and Happy New Year!
  26. l’Epifania: Epiphany, celebrated Jan 6th
  27. i Re Magi: the wise men (three kings, magi)
  28. la Befana: gift-bringing witch (comes on Epiphany)
  29. la calza: stocking (to hold candies and small gifts la Befana brings)
  30. i biglietti di auguri: greeting cards

Got any Italian holiday questions or words to add to the list?

Let me know if you like this and find it helpful… If I know people are using it, I’ll create more practice materials!

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Fave 3 Friday: Handling the Holidays – Calma, sangue freddo e un respiro profondo | Calm, cool and a deep breath

[Note: Any text in Italian is followed by the English translation.]

Le feste invernali sono alle porte e per molti di noi, il Natale può essere una ricorrenza tanto bella quanto stressante. Forse per l’ansia di trovare il regalo perfetto, partecipare a cene e ricevimenti, o per alcuni, sentire la mancanza di familiari lontani o assenti. Quello che ci serve è una boccata di aria fresca, con lo sfondo romantico della Costiera Amalfitana. Ecco tre immagini catturate la scorsa primavera che vi voglio regalare…

The winter holidays are upon us (literally, “at the doors”), and for many of us, Christmas can be an event that is as stressful as it is beautiful. Perhaps it’s the anxiety of finding the perfect gift, attending dinners and parties, or for some, feeling the absence of family who are far away or have passed. What we need is a breath of fresh air, with the romantic Amalfi Coastline as a backdrop. Here are three images captured last spring that I want to give you as a gift…

Sogno o realtà? Sulla strada per Ravello percorrendo la Costiera Amalfitana… / Dream or reality? On the road to Ravello traveling the Amalfi coastline.

Sogno o realtà? Sulla strada per Ravello percorrendo la Costiera Amalfitana…  |  Dream or reality? On the road to Ravello traveling the Amalfi Coastline…

VillaRuffolo + Sea.WM

Golfo di Salerno visto dai giardini di Villa Rufolo a Ravello.  |  The Gulf of Salerno seen from the gardens of Villa Rufolo in Ravello.


Cartolina da Positano: l’incantevole paese della Campania, con le sue case color pastello costruite direttamente sul precipizio.  |  Postcard from Positano: The enchanting town of Campania (region) with its pastel colored houses built right into the cliff.

Sono sicura che ora va meglio. A volte basta poco per rilassarsi e gestire lo stress. Voi come ci riuscite? E cosa fate per ritrovare il vostro equilibrio?

I’m sure that now you’re feeling better (lit. “it’s going better”). Sometimes it takes very little to relax and handle stress. How do you manage it? What do you do to regain your balance?

Auguri di stagione!  |  Seasons greetings!


[Grazie al mio collaboratore speciale, Lobsang Burzacchini]

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