Here’s what students have to say…

“I didn’t expect to be using the language so quickly, so that was a HUGE bonus. The format & structure provided is a great road map for learning. Each class builds perfectly on the previous class. We are traveling to Italy in 2016 and want to be able to take “the road less traveled” and interact with natives and immerse in culture. It also feels great to get in touch with my heritage. I especially liked group assignments and interaction! We were able to use the language right away! Conversations were extremely helpful in terms of learning the sound and flow of the Italian language. I can’t emphasize enough how great it is to start using the language right away — it really helps to build enthusiasm for the next class and next lesson. Can’t wait to start again in the fall!”  — Char & Freddy Salazar

“The course surpassed my expectations. I learned some fundamental things in a fun environment. Molto bene!  Great atmosphere, conducive to learning yet fun and challenging. I will recommend enthusiastically and often.”   — R.R.

“I learned a great deal. Your style was fun and entertaining. You emphasized the important aspects of the grammar, verbs, etc., and it all seemed  very useful (a key factor). You gave us the essentials and kept the “work” part interesting. I would take another Jodina class & recommend it to friends. Grazie!”   

“I love your approach and how we got right into conversation. Keep going the way you are– Love your sense of humor.”   –A.M.B.

“The class was great. It solidified what I learned in winter. It was fun and informative. We covered a lot in 6 weeks. I liked the review of verbs, new verbs, improved worksheets. You had a great system, fun activities. Great class, fun time!”    — E.C.

“I always enjoy coming and learn new things each session I’ve attended. I especially liked the conversations and learning the vocabulary and pronunciation. I liked it all, and the recordings online.  I loved the way you incorporated the dialogues with verbs, vocalulary, etc. Definitely will take more classes. Thank you.”    — L.C.

“If you are interested in taking Italian and live in the San Diego area, I can’t recommend enough this class!!!!! I have been taking Italian from Jodina for a little under a year and her approach is very much modern and innovative. You begin speaking Italian the very first class using your skills that you already have. Using stories using simple language, you develop a sense of the language and an understanding of the very musical Italian language!!!”   –Judy Maddox

“I have learned more Italian in Jodina’s classes than any other classes I have taken!”        –Linda Hall

“Cara Jodina–  You are truly one of a kind. The level of passion and enthusiasm you bring to class is not only impressive, but also contagious.  You are very effective as a teacher and have managed in a few short weeks to make me feel comfortable and capable enough to continue the journey towards being able to learn Italian, and best of all enjoy the process at the same time.    –Grazie mille, Jodina”

— Barbara Reilly (Embarking on my “second adulthood” and an adventure to Italy)

–Poppy and Skip Thornburg, aka Papavera & Schipio

“I’ve taken language classes before, and never have I had as much fun as I did with Jodina!  Unlike more traditional courses, Jodina teaches “practical” Italian, imparting cultural tidbits from her years living abroad.  Her use of the text and less conventional tools like YouTube videos, daily proverbs, and links to Italian news articles are fun and help to expand your vocabulary in such an entertaining way that you quickly pick up new words!

And I love that Jodina offers so many opportunities to learn – in addition to her weekly classes and website, she offers a Saturday morning study group and organizes “field trips” tied to Italian culture.  I would recommend Jodina’s class to anyone who is interested in learning the language or the culture.”

 –Elizabeth Liemandt, aka Elisabetta

–Nancy Simioni, aka Nunziata

–The Lupinacci Family:  Steve, Adam, Julia

“All of my experiences with “Italiano with Jodina” have been wonderful!  I have enjoyed the Italian classes with Jodina immensely. She is an excellent teacher, and as a teacher myself, I can appreciate the enormous amount of time and energy she invests in preparing  and teaching her classes. She is animated, laughs a lot and genuinely enjoys her students.  She has very good rapport with her students. Regardless of the level of  their  experience with the language, she skillfully manages to keep all the students interacting very well together.  She  explains well, asks for questions and writes words and phrases on the board for further explanation.

She refers to a text and offers any explanations students ask for, but isn’t tied to the text.  Her lessons are pertinent and practical; for example: learning and using vocabulary about clothing, going shopping, traveling. Students even prepared a short autobiography based on an example from the text and shared it with other students, all in Italian!  These kinds of interactive practices  seem like just
“fun”, but are really a great way to learn language.  She ends her class with a “saying” or proverb, which uses some new vocabulary, but interests the students very much and also teaches some Italian culture.Then she asks students to memorize them for the next class. What a painless way to learn a language!

She does even more language teaching on Saturdays at Meet-Up  sessions. The group is often a mixture of old and new students and she skillfully engages all the students at their levels. They find themselves talking, even arguing or discussing things, ALL  in Italian ! She dictates recipes which teaches not only language and writing, but also Italian culture through learning about cooking. She explains anything that is not completely understood. The session is not only fun but a real challenge and the time passes quickly! I feel as if I have really  begun to understand and love the “Italian  language and culture with Jodina”. The classes are a wonderful  preparation for future travel in Italy.”

–Joanna Bravender

“A great source of learning, information and fun on Tuesdays.”

–Joe Pandolfo, Jr.

“I’m feeling more comfortable about my trip to Italy.”

–John Resnick

“Excellent way to brush up my Italian and learn more!”

–Izabelle Doucet

“… Way too much fun for a Wednesday!”

–Steve Storc


“Jodina brought a special Italian Travel and Language Workshop to my friends and me in preparation for a trip we took to Italy last month [March 2010]It was so much fun and well-worth our time as we learned lots of helpful phrases, tips on everything from shopping to ordering dinner in a restaurant, and practical advice on packing. The class was interactive and entertaining, but also helpful. Jodina had each of us make flashcards during the class and we all took them with us, practicing them on the airplane and referring to them when needed.”

–Dianne Sivulka, Participant and finisher of the Rome 2010 Marathon

(See pictures of the “Ciao Bella” Rome Adventure.)

“Molto bene! Lively & informative. Jodina is an absolute gem to have as your teacher/guide through the streets of Italy or America!  I loved the workshop and recommend it highly before any trip to Italy!”

–Grace Anne Kenealy 🙂

“Thanks Jodina for last night’s workshop/class and for your positive, patient, fun instruction. It was a great way to end the week as well as very informing for our upcoming trip!”

–Rick Normand

“A fun, open environment with good energy and fast-paced learning.”

–Zane & Bob Bruck

“Great examples and hand outs.  Lots of good answers to our questions.”

–Dot Stevenson

“I feel much more prepared and relaxed about my upcoming trip.”

–Robert Keith


“I really enjoyed Saturday’s Italian Study Group Meetup at Panera.  Normally I’m not a big “join the group” person, but I felt really welcomed and enjoyed everyone’s company.  I left the group (after staying far longer than I had planned!) feeling as if I learned a lot and was energized to keep learning.”

–Cathleen, aka Katia 🙂

“ A great way to ask questions and practice Italian and to meet new people! ”

–Giovanna Bravender

“ If you’re planning a trip to Italy or just want to broaden your language skills, then this is the perfect group to join. ”

–Frank D’Angelo

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