Italy Traveler Workshops


Get the inside scoop on useful secrets and tips on language and culture for a fabulous trip to Italy!

Here’s what you’ll learn in these entertaining and practical workshops:

* Getting Around: Trains, Taxis, and Automobiles

* Spending: The Euro, credit cards, discounts, tax & more

* Wines of Italy * Must-see places in the major cities

* Ordering in a restaurant

* Eating & Drinking

* Shopping

* Safety Tips

* Beating Jet Lag

* Cell phones

* And of course, 100 or so of the most useful words & phrases that will enable you to handle any situation with pizazz and finesse

~ Get more from your Italy trip! ~ Feel more connected to the culture! ~ Make friends! ~

** Workshops include materials: a Mini-travel guide and interactive language flashcards.

 COST: Available for individuals and small or large groups. Fee based on number of people in group, number and length of workshop session(s), and location.

Contact Jodina to discuss a custom workshop to meet your needs.


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