Terms: Cancellation / Refunds / Make-ups / Skype Attendance

The Fine Print: By registering, you are indicating that you have reviewed and consent to these terms.

Cancellation: If you have registered for a class and find you cannot attend, contact Italiano With Jodina (IWJ) at least five (5) business days prior to class start date.  A credit voucher or a refund minus a $25 processing fee will be issued.

Fewer than 5 days prior to class start, a credit voucher toward the next class will be issued. A credit voucher may be also be applied to a prepaid package of private lessons

Once a class starts, there will be no refunds or credit issued for any reason, including for non-attendance.

Returned checks: A $25 service charge applies for any returned checks.

Insufficient enrollment: If IWJ must cancel a class or program due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances, students will receive a complete refund or credit toward a future class.

The minimum class size is eight students. In the event of insufficient enrollment, IWJ reserves the right to cancel a class, or to offer the session as a small private group lesson (at private class fees based on group size), or to offer students the chance to sign up for a different class (for example, the evening or daytime session, as applicable).

Attending by Skype: {Note: Attendance via Skype is intended only for occasional instances; the option for remote attendance is not yet available for an entire class session.}  A student may attend a class (in real time) by connecting online using a program such as Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. 

A student must inform the teacher prior to class (at least 24 hours is preferable, though less is permissible, pending availability of necessary equipment at class location).

Students are responsible for their own computer equipment and installation and operation of any necessary programs ahead of time.  Teacher will offer advice as able.  No guarantees are made as to quality of the internet connection, reception, third-party programs, etc., of a class attended online in real-time.

Make-ups:  By informing the teacher in advance, missed classes may be made up by attending a different class session during the same class series.

Students enrolled in one of the Italian Story + Conversation classes may attend the other Story + Convo class as make-up (day or evening, as applicable), or one of the Beginner classes (which would offer a chance to review and get any materials given in the class missed).

Students enrolled in one of the Beginner classes may attend the other Beginner class as make-up (day or evening, as applicable), or one of the Story + Convo classes, with the understanding that because it is a more advanced level, it will mainly be an observational/audit experience, as participation would be difficult, and so as not to hinder class flow.