Spanish Testimonials

People are talking…

“I wanted to take a minute and really thank you for offering this class. I have gained so much confidence speaking Spanish since the start of class. It’s like you’ve given me permission to speak freely, increased my vocabulary, and made speaking Spanish so much easier.  I am truly thankful for our paths to have crossed.  I plan to have my son (16) take your class as well.   –Lupe Carter

“I am enjoying Ms. Gallo’s classes and feel like I am learning so much!  The books she chooses to read in class, are interesting and are well written.  The class format reinforces our reading, listening and communication skills, and she is great at encouraging everyone and making you feel comfortable, no matter what your level is.”    – C. Steiger

“… While ejoying a sandia marguerita at El Agave in Old Town, I received a very nice compliment from the bartender, originally from Mexico City.  He wanted to know if I was part Latino, because he thought my pronunciation of the few Spanish words I tried to use while conversing with him & the waiter were really good.  In other words, not “gringo” style.  Therefore, compliments go to you for your excellent teaching skills.   –J. Tier

“I am so sorry not to continue Spanish.. Life is very changed for me since I studied with you, so I will not be able to attend. Please know I really appreciated your class and you… You were a breath of fresh air, with such lovely energy.”    — J. Wilson

“Jodina, I consider you my inspiration to have gone further in Spanish. After several classes with you, I felt ready to take a challenging 5-unit for-credit class and got an A. It was lots of hours of study and online work but worth it!”   –M.J. Gardens